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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Sore Behind

On a passage, finding a comfortable place to sit on a Tiki 21 is not so easy, especially if you're on the helm.

The best place is asleep on the tramp, but that's no use to the skipper.

I spend most time either on the bench seats in the cockpits ...

.... or on deck using a camping seat.

The problem with the bench seats is they need padding, and are too narrow. This means you're sitting too upright and can easily slip off the front. A few years ago I added some padding to the original seats. I searched around for some good quality closed cell foam but it always comes in too large a sheet and too expensive. Then I discovered foam mat flooring tiles.

Foam Mats

These were cut, finished with sand paper to round the edges and glued to the ply bench seats.

Small Bench Seats

Whilst this was an improvement, it's still "hard going", if you'll excuse the pun.

With a trip coming up on the weekend, I couldn't face the discomfort and I have a source of nice ply so I've made wider seats. Again these have had foam added.

Old and New Seats

Hopefully this will be less of a pain in the arse!