I hope this site is of value and contains information. I will record my ramblings regarding sailing adventures, my boat projects and anything else that might interest people attracted to a site about Wharram catamarans.

Please visit again for updates and do leave your comments.


This site is about a Wharram Tiki 21. It contains some information about the boat, renovation, project and the adventures on board.

The project pages are living documents which I'll update as I go along. I'm using them to keep notes, maintain links and record my projects. These pages are important to me as much of the pleasure of the boat, is in the projects I'm doing.

I have to give credit to others here. This blog / site follows patterns established by others and since I've found them useful, I've copied.

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  1. Ian, it looks like you've modeled the Tiki 21 hulls in a 3D program. I'm currently designing a new version of my "launching trailer" and it would save me lots of effort if I could "borrow" your 3D drafted hulls (heck, the hulls and crossbeams!)... Is that a possibility? Thanks! Jeff in Connecticut...