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Deck Tent

So after weeks of waiting my deck tent project comes to life. I've used a modified Vango tent on Gratitude many times and it works well.
The problem with this tent is the time it takes to put it up and take it down. This can really eat into the day when trying for an early start. Furthermore, I'm not sure how well this tent will work in bad weather.

I have a tent for the boat which is to the proper design. Unfortunately, I don't have the poles. I think the poles can easily be sorted out. The problem I have is with the mounting system for the poles. This consists of a block of wood and a metal bracket into which a hinge mount inserts. The pole ends fit into the hinge insert. This is an ugly construction, but was probably the best solution when it was designed.

You can find more info on the poles and the deck tent on the Wharram Friends site.

In the new spirit of Brexit, which I am forced to accept, I've opened up trading with China via ebay. It's taken since the referendum, but they've finally arrived. Not bad for £15 including delivery.
Tiki 21 Deck Tent mounts. Bimini mounts.

Tiki 21 Deck Tent mounts. Bimini mounts.
Watch this project for updates on how the project progresses.


  1. Morning, Ian. Those fittings look great! and the price? You did good, so to speak.
    As I wait for JWD to finish preparations to send me the Mana 24 kit, I have been racing ahead to the day when I will be sailing it. I only daysailed my Tiki 21 when I had it - for various reasons camping/sailing was not an option in those days. However since my buddy and I started organizing The Elbow Run I have been really hooked on the idea, and I can't wait to take my partner out for a week or two of prairie camping/sailing, away from people and human worries. She is quite happy to enjoy the simple conveniences that boats like the Tiki 21 and Mana 24 provide. I have started researching deck tents and hence the post on Wharram Builders. Hanneke shows a deck tent on the Mana 24 concept drawing similar to the one designed for the Tiki 21. I like the shape - it looks like it can handle high winds, which we often get here on the prairies. I will be watching to see how you make out with yours. Attaching tent to boat has been a puzzle for me. Combining that shape with inflatable framing would be part of the solution. I am going to suggest to Hanneke that she consider doing a CAD design which someone like could transfer to material, thus making it easier for making it oneself. My partner and I sewed up a rather complex mainsail cover for my WindRider from one of SailRite's kits and it took away all the guess work of where to cut, where to sew. It would be nice if a tent could be sewn up the same way.
    Carry on, Mate. Cheers, Rod McLaren

    1. Hi Rod, just discovered your comments hidden in the system and unpublished. Things have moved on a bit and I'm working on an inflatable tent. I'll try and post some details soon. Ian

    2. Hi Ian Yves Gelinas (Cape Horn Self Steering) had a spray hood with inflateable tubes for his cicumnavigation.The benefit of collapsing under load and then reverting to the former shape could be very useful. Basically bike inner tubes lie inside 50mm fire hose located and secured and airtight at each end onto a stub length of engineering plastic to provide a point of attachment to the deck

  2. Those fittings look very good! I have a Tiki21 in Turkey with a deck tent (not needed so far) and I want to examine the deck fitting fittings for that tent on my next visit. Is it possible to let me have the link? George